She sells sanctuary

Here' s the deal: I've a spare ticket to the Cult show at the 9:30 club tomorrow. Mind you it's availability is dependant on how quick I'm gotten back to, as I just given tickets today. Ya can contact me via the usual channels or via comments

B-day plans

Once again I will be having a birthday gathering at at my favored den of iniquity , the Piratz Tavern, in Silver Spring, on Saturday Feb 28th.
I'll be there starting at about 6 pm ish or so, and will carry on until after midnight at some point, since it will then officially be my birthday.

Truck: 3, Kyrin:0

Well, My not-anything-like-a-decent Truck has finally decided to self-quit, which is no surprise, but hella inconvenient. Now while a blown head gasket, is not that irreparable, it is beyond my means to repair. Considering I have replaced the entire cooling system, had the front end of the hydraulic-assisted transmission replaced, (it technically requires a full rebuild), and various other little things (the S.O.B leaks when it rains), I'm quitting while I'm ahead.
The point being is I'm going to be hard to physically track down for the next month and not likely able to hang out, until I settle into my new apartment.
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Another year and B-Day plans

Ok, well this year my birthday falls on a weekend. So to all you interested, Collect yourselves together on Saturday March 1st, at:
The Piratz Tavern
8402 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Sometime around I'd say 6pm on

So the new year begins now.

At least from my perspective. or rather it began last Thursday. Regardless, I seemed to have by accident picked up a theme for it. And that is one of "Removing things from my life that serve to only make me unhappy and miserable". A no brainer eh? See there's a catch: I'm letting people and things go with no malice, and with little fanfare. The idea being this: holding onto even the anger of something making you miserable, will make you further miserable. Actually, holding onto anger at all seems to cause misery. Express your extreme displeasure through expletives, then let shit go. At least thats the operating theory.
. . .probably will add more to this as ideas about it come forth.

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Just in case people end up in Silver spring early, or would like to, I will be at the Piratz Tavern until about 8:30-9:pm ish. I'll be in the back.